After some silence, also because of the summer vacancy, I come back with a post to say many things.

first of all a big thank you to all our friends on Facebook, because in few weeks we reach 5000 friends, with a lot of requests still coming; I’m really happy of that, even if, not being a Facebook expert, I don’t know very well how to upgrade our profile to go over 5000 friends. But I will find a solution.

Anyway  THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all our friends.


My family and friend in a typical danish restaurant in Fredriksberg, from left: Monica, Lars, Adolfo, little Anna and Cristina.

In this summer vacancy we went to Fredriksberg, in Denmark, to visit some of our good friends. It is a nice place, i can suggest you to visit the zoo and the king’s gardens, where you can find also some beautiful exemplars of red squirrel jumping from and running on the oak trees.

In the meantime, in Pietrasanta, opened a very interesting exhibition: Dark Optimism, by David Linch  . You can find it at Palazzo Panichi where are collected some of the photos and lithography of the famous artist and film director.

In the same exhibition you can find also some not yet published short films that he realized for advertising or the music industry. the show opened the 23rd of august and will close the 14th of september, so if you are near you still have some few days to visit.

After two weeks of vacancy we are back to work, I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacancy, let me know with some comments !

Best Regards,