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Mariani Artistic Foundry

The new integrated and custom made service, together with the D.W.C. (distant work’s control), allows us to be the first in Italy to offer our clients a full immersion of their works.

Since 1952, Fonderia Artistica Mariani, has excelled in any kind of manufactures, from the simplest to the most complex, carrying on an innovative study in the plastic arts field.

Bronze, silver, white bronze, aluminum, brass and cast iron cover, together with the new alloys we invent to meet with the client’s needs, our range of activities.

Craftmanship together with the most advanced technology, are the key elements of our success and allow us to reproduce microscopic details, thanks to the hot lost wax process and vacuum casting, with Shell method.







Craftsmanship know-how combined with modern technology
From the idea to the shape, from production to preservation
Over 65 years of history, experimentation, know-how


Clients and artists provide us with any kind of material bi-three dimensional models to be used to create negatives.


First step of the production process, when a wax copy of the model is made and touched up. The client can attend and cowork in this stage to supervise the final details.


The wax copy gets covered with a thin ceramic layer, that reproduces its surface (Shell Method). Wax is then drawn from the mould through furnace heating.


The metal, bronze or any other alloy, in its liquid state, gets cast inside the ceramic negative and takes on the model shape in details.


The various metal sections, the work is divided into, coming out from casting, get cleaned, welded and assembled, in order to get the required aesthetic result.


The bronze surface gets oxidized by special chemical substances, copper based (or alike), to get the required colour and shades.

Cute to size
Thank to 65 years activity, we can lead you through your creative process and help you choose the best techniques, materials, patinas and finishing, up to the suitable packaging to ensure you a safe and certified delivery.

Thank to our Distant Work Control system, all you need is your smart phone to follow up the various production steps. Once the work is delivered, our team will support you to assemble it on site or preserve it in case of already installed works.

From production to preservation
We can take care of every single step in the production process, thank to our programs and to our experts in preservation and can issue a production certificate that details both the technical aspects and the material features.

Engineering, enlargement, design
A picture, a scanned image, a drawing, a simple draft will be the starting point to make your work.

Customized alloys and materials
We can design and develop new metal alloys to meet with your request, both in terms of shape and colour.

Logistic support
A suitable package and delivery will grant your work to destination, where your work positioning will be supported by our team or by the manual we’ll provide you with.
Our technical support will be avaible for exhibitions on an international level.