Pietrasanta's main city square

Pietrasanta’s main city square

My company is based in Pietrasanta, province of Lucca, Tuscany region, Italy; and this is not an ordinary place. Italy is , in general, an extraordinary place for artist , since we have more roman ruins than pubs; but Pietrasanta is a place that an artist have to visit one time in his/her life.

It is not a big city , only 25.000 inhabitants, and the main feature is that all turn around arts and crafts.

we have: 6 artistic foundries, 15 marble studios , 4 mould makers, 6 professional sculptors on commission, 5 mosaic maker, marble inlay , art printing , goldsmiths , smiths and metal workers , restoration , and tool makers for art ; and all this in  an area of more or less 15 square miles .

all these people work on commission for artist , architects and art operators and they live (almost exclusively) of custom works; you want to do a visit on a workshop (mine included) ? just call and take an appointment. you want to see an art exhibition ? go on the main square and look around to find the last one. you want to buy or sell art ? we have 30 some art gallery with branches in all the world.

and oh, you can go sunbathing on the beach and trekking on the mountains.

that create a particular feel in the city. everybody works with art or have a relative or friend that work with art directly or not. i find normal that with a strong presence of international artists in town  we have a minimum of 5-7 art exhibitions per year ,but consider that :

only here , at a bar, the bricklayer discuss with a young artist of the artistic value of the last exhibition taking place in the square in front of a glass of wine; the main town thread of last year was the  lunette that Igor Mitoraj have to place on the facade of the 14th century S. Agostino church on the main city square; young artists that live in town form groups  to make collective works and we have a strong representative group of the Royal British Society of Artists. all this in a city of 25.000 people or so.

and did i mention that we have wonderful beaches and mountains ? sometime, the tourists see only this.

best regards

Nicola Agolini