bronze pouring

When most people asks us for a visit in our company the asks generally “can i come see a pouring?”.  Pouring is identified as the main process in a foundry and also, because of its visual appearance and its situation of danger , the most spectacular. For me is , for sure, the most technical part of the process. To obtain a good casting you have to pay attention to a lot of little particulars and even if you do so you are not sure of the results until you have crashed all the  ceramic, some hours after the pouring.

our worker Ivano checking the ceramic moulds befor the cooking

First you have to be sure of the temperature you cook the ceramic and that after the cooking nothing is left inside and the ceramic is not cracked. Than you have to check the humidity of the place, the temperature of the bronze, the quality of the flame of the melting furnace, the quantity of aspiration of the vacuum pump and many other things. you know, checking all this numbers tend to erase the feeling of the moment. The moment of the pouring is surely spectacular, even for one like me that see six to twelve pouring per week. Here we have a proverb:”is the habit that ruin the surprise” , well, this is not the case.

Massimo and Giacomo cleaning a piece from ceramic after the casting

You have to wait until the bronze is completely solid and cool (it takes some hours) and finally you will see if all this effort did its work. For most of the people the most poetical part is the pouring, for me is the crashing of the ceramic, in search of the perfect casting.

best regards