Marco between the branches of a bronze tree

Finishing of the bronze is one of the part of the process that need , at least for the first time, the presence of the sculptor. Its is important to know , in fact, what is the final result that the author want to reach in therm of superficial look. Some surface can be reached only in the finishing part, so only the customer can give you advices. As we told before that can be done also via web, if necessary.

Luca shoeing a bronze horse

We always suggest to the new customers to begin with a little piece, little but typical of his/her needs. With a little piece we can understand each other , know each other and see if we match in therms of work. In general there are two extremes in the look of a surface: polished and rough. Between this two extremes we have an infinity of shading, and often the surface of the model is different from the result that the author want to reach ; how we can know what kind of surface the customer need if we don’t see it?

Romano taking care of a delicate surface

We have a long tradition in working side by side with sculptors , sometime we can reach a good result even if we don’t understand each other language (with obvious hilarious misunderstandings in between). By the way here summer has exploded with long 38°C days, I hope to reach alive the winter because for me warm is really nothing good, but i’m lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party in Denmark on the 2nd week of august so for this time i will send you some fresh post from the northern Europe.

best regards

Nicola Agolini