Today At 12.00 in Pietrasanta, an important piece of art was added to our artistic heritage: FLAME by Helaine Blumenfeld. Helen is a kind and polite british lady that take out elegance and spirituality from inanimate matter like bronze and marble. Our city is honored by her friendship for so long time and now the honor is doubled by an extraordinary gift , a 3 meter hight bronze sculpture that rises in one of our squares. I think the images speaks for themselves; what is that if not pure elegance ?

best regards

Nicola Agolini

the sculptress, Maestra Helaine Blumenfeld

Helaine Blumenfeld & mayor Domenico Lombardi in front of “flame”

“FLAME” by Helaine Blumenfeld , bronze


Helaine Blumenfeld & her family and assistant & all the entourage of the city and artisans association that made possible this beautiful addition to the artistic heritage of our city.