An Interesting argument about art are the so called “little” sculptures, intending with that the sculptures of little dimensions. Well, i must say that the history of metal sculptures was revolutioned by them more than by monuments. Donatello’s David is 158 cm height ; Boccioni’s “unique forms in the continuity of space” is 111 cm height; Cellini’s salt cellar is 33 cm long; Ghiberti’s squares on the gates of paradise are no more than 90×90 cm. So Today i decided to show some images of interesting “little” (just for the dimensions) sculptures.

best regards

Nicola Agolini


“abbraccio piccolo” by Maria Gamundi , bronze

“Aurore” by Anne Itzykson, bronze

“Atlas” by Daphne Du Barry, bronze


“Crepúsculo” By Jimenez Deredia, bronze


“The Rescuer” by Richard Stone , bronze