A new exhibition opened yesterday in Pietrasanta: Mitoraj, myth and music.

The exhibition is the last project maestro Mitoraj did before to pass away. It will be an extraordinary show comprehensive of bronze and marble sculptures, trees and also models in clay, exposed to the elements to change with time and weather , so showing the concept of time passing. It will be developed around the central squares of Pietrasanta and  St. Augustin church and it will last from 18th april to 30th of august 2015 , divided in different phases that will add sculptures periodically, with also some unpublished last works of maestro Mitoraj. Each friday a concert cured by Puccini’s festival will be played in St. Augustin church.

If you pass from here in the next 4 month i suggest you to give a look to this extraordinary show!

best regards

Nicola Agolini