In the city hall of Pietrasanta (Italy), just in these days , take place an extraordinary exhibition : La Mappa By Erik A. Frandsen. This time is none about bronze or metals, but about mosaic and with good reasons.

Let me tell you a story.

Erik A. Frandsen , a Danish painter and sculptor, decided to do the “via francigena” walking from Brenner pass to Rome. Each evening he took a sketch of the place where he decided to rest during the travel. At the end of the walk he went to Pietrasanta, our city , and decided, with the help of mosaic maker Ferrari And Bacci, to translate his sketches to mosaic, fascinated by the contrast between the quickness of the sketching and the slowness of the mosaic making procedure. He also designed some columns in marble, plastic pipe and mosaic where he wrote some words to remember the different places he passed during the walk. The result is this exhibition “La Mappa” (the map) from 14th to 28th of february 2015.

If you are here in the nearby please take a visit to that exhibition , the images below can tell you how impressive this mosaic work is.

best regards

Nicola Agolini

Po corte san Andrea , by Erik A. Frandsen, mosaic

from left : Manrico Bertellotti (headmaster of Ferrari & Bacci mosaic factory) , Domenico Lombradi (mayor of Pietrasanta) and the artist Erik A. Frandsen

Strove by Erik A. Frandsen , mosaic

columns by Erik A. Frandsen , mosaic, marble and plastic pipes


mosaic by Erik A. Frandsen


Porcari by Erik A. Frandsen , mosaic