The big Horse by Gustavo Aceves (white bronze and marble)

The big Horse by Gustavo Aceves  (white bronze and white marble)

As I said the last time Gustavo Aceves’s “LAPIDARIUM” work in progress was not at the end.

This evening a new inauguration was done on the Pietrasanta Dom square.

The new opera is a 28 meter  installation of marble and white bronze . The marble pieces weight from 9 to 25 ton and came from the extinct “medici” marble vein. the color is white with gray-green veins and purple spots. all the blocks forms a stylized shape of a boat. on top of the central blocks is an 8 meter long monumental white bronze horse divided in two pieces, jointed together by a suspended spinal column.


the big horse of Gustavo Aceves (white marble and white bronze)

the big Horse of Gustavo Aceves  (white marble and white bronze)

The realization of the installation was not easy since we where in a real hurry, we had only  3 months to do the work .  As you can see the surface is engraved with letters and numbers, but the moulds where not, so we had to invent a special technic to make engraved waxes from smooth moulds ! that was possible because we use the ceramic shell lost wax casting method, that permits us to work with hollow waxes and not with waxes filled with refractory like in the classic lost wax process. So we can significantly alter the waxes according to the wishes of the artist, and for the realization of this monument that was crucial.


best regards

Nicola Agolini